Data Sharing Policy

AJMAS is committed to a more open research landscape, facilitating faster and more effective research discovery by enabling reproducibility and verification of data, methodology and reporting standards. We encourage researchers to share their research data, including but not limited to: raw data, processed data, software, algorithms, protocols, methods, and materials, in articles that are published in our journals.

AJMAS encourages authors to share the information by archiving it in a suitable public repository, along with any other artifacts that support the findings in the paper. In order for this statement to be included in their paper, authors may provide a data availability statement along with a link to the repository they used. Published data must be cited. For the purpose of confirming the existence or absence of shared data, all accepted manuscripts have the option to publish a data availability statement. If you've shared data, this declaration will outline how it can be accessed and include a persistent identifier (such as a DOI or accession number) from the repository where the data was shared.